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What your bread preference says about your personality

Let’s face it, bread is the best thing ever invented by humans. And while everyone says eating too much of it won’t be good for your waistline, we can’t help ourselves. I mean, it tastes too good to stop after just one bite. And there are so many types of bread to choose from. Speaking of types of bread, did you know that your bread preferences can say a lot about your personality. We know it sounds weird, but read up on these types of bread and see if your preference for it really says a lot about your character and personality.

1. Chapati: Stable and old fashioned
If you’re a big chapati fan, you’re a traditionalist. You like things to be safe, stable, and you’re probably a bit old-fashioned. You are not a fan of change and the new, you just want things to stay the same because you don’t like to go out of your comfort zone. There’s nothing wrong with that, it just means you have a very mature outlook on life.

2. Bagel: different and unique
Some people might call you weird or weird, but that’s only because you don’t like labels and don’t feel the need to fit in. You let your Frican flag fly high, it’s important to you to be your purest self, and we applaud that.

3. Croissant: Confident and confident
Some might call you pretentious because you live in your own little world. Your views and opinions may differ from those of the people around you, but you are not going to turn your world upside down to fit in. You love your little bubble you’ve created and you want to live in it forever.

4. Hot Dog Bun: Bubbly and Exciting
You are a very optimistic person by nature and like to spread positivity wherever you go. You have a cheerful and cheerful personality, and you will probably find something to talk about with anyone in the world.

5. Chikkolee: temperamental and passionate
Chikkolee is a spicy dish just like your personality. You are a very passionate and hardworking person, but you are also very temperamental. If there’s something you don’t agree with, you should make it known.

6. Ciabatta: sweet and caring
If you love puran poli, you must be a very sweet and kind person. Your friends and family appreciate your warm and caring nature. You’re always the first person to turn to for advice and deliver the best hugs in the world.

7. Sandwich Bread: Plain and simple
You’re not exactly successful, are you? You go through life one step at a time and take whatever comes your way. You have a calm and level-headed disposition and a rather laid-back personality. You don’t like to be the center of attention and prefer to stay out of the way.

8. Hamburger Bun: Organized and dominant
You are a natural born leader. You know what you are capable of and are confident in your abilities. Sometimes you can come across as too domineering and bossy, but that’s only because you know what you want and know exactly how to get it.

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