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10 of the strangest food cravings of pregnant women

People have been creating food combinations for years, and more often than not, they are iconic. But some people have some kind of craving for food that is not yet mainstream and is just plain weird. Many pregnant women (and just some weirdos with a special craving for food) have a desire to combine sweet, salty, sour and spicy flavors in concoctions that delight some and make others nauseous. Here are the 10 weirdest food cravings of all time.

1. Ice cream and pickles

Pickles are a massive pregnancy craving, and for anyone who enjoys pickles, they’ll likely be eating the same as the mom-to-be. Pickles are delicious in burgers or fried on their own. It adds crunch to a salty sandwich and many savory items, but ice cream is a consistency to stay away from with pickles. Just the thought of them in the same bowl makes our stomachs turn, but apparently it tastes like heaven for pregnant women.

Pickles and ice cream

2. Peanut butter and mayonnaise on toast

Let’s try to relate to this – maybe it’s a small amount of mayo and it just adds a hot, buttery aspect when spread on freshly toasted bread. But if the mayonnaise is rich and the bread is cold, we’ll call it awful. PB should only be allowed with jam, fruit or honey. At worst, you can add butter if you really don’t like sweet.

3. Oreos and smoked salmon

Yes, we too were horrified to see this craving that pregnant women apparently experience. The combination of chocolate, sweet cream and fish is something we never want to try in this life. Sometimes there are just things that should never be mixed, and smoked salmon paired with any sweet delicacy is one of those things.

4. Hot Cheetos dipped in yogurt

We get it—hot Cheetos might set your taste buds on fire and make you reach for a glass of juice, but yogurt is a whole other story. Maybe it just tastes like a sauce, like sour cream, but plain yogurt without any seasoning doesn’t sound so strange. Ironically, pregnant women have even been known to dip these spicy Cheetos in strawberry flavored yogurt! This is a creative combination.

5. Pizza with sauerkraut

Pizza has had a lot of weird toppings throughout history, but even weirder than pineapple and ham on pizza is sauerkraut, the sauerkraut usually reserved for hot dog toppings. Sure, it’s not every day you see this pickled ingredient on a classic slice, but pizza tastes incredible with just about anything, so we’re not against giving it a try.

6. Crushed ice

As simple as it is, it’s still an amazing pull. Apparently if you are anemic (white is common in pregnant women) this is a standard craving. While we’d prefer at least a little flavored ice or a nice bowl of sorbet, it’s not the biggest craving on the list, but it might be the saddest. Still, it sounds pretty good on a hot summer day.

7. Lemon and lime juice from concentrate

Apparently, cravings for sour and spicy are pretty serious during pregnancy, but we also know that some non-pregnant people can put up with it. If you have a high tolerance for sour sweets, but you’re not a fan of candy, maybe this will work for you? Apparently, pregnant women usually like to cut a lemon or lime into quarters or slices and bite them like an orange! Honestly, we’d prefer a glass of lemonade instead, but whatever floats your boat.

8. Watermelon soaked in pickle juice

Watermelon is so beautifully sweet yet soft with a crunchy aftertaste. It’s the ultimate summer fruit, and tastes just as refreshing when paired with unexpected combinations like basil and feta. But what kind of atrocity is this? Why ruin nature’s wonderful dessert by immersing it in salty, disgusting salty pickle juice? We can understand any other savory combination, but this takes things to another level. Still, can’t knock it until you try it!

9. Cream cheese and jam on toast

This combination isn’t all that surprising—it’s a great breakfast or dessert pairing, especially since cream cheese is such a versatile food that you can pair it with just about anything. In fact, just these two ingredients can make a mouth-watering sandwich when you’re on the go or short on groceries.

10. French fries dipped in honey

Some people already do this, and it’s not the worst on the list of weird food cravings. It’s kind of like a funnel cake effect that doesn’t make us too angry. On the other hand, mixing ketchup and honey doesn’t sound so delicious. A bit of honey and fries with a burger actually sounds delicious.

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