How crowdfunding for projects works

Many of the gadgets you use in your day to day were born on Kickstarter. Or popular board games, for example, that previously passed through this crowdfunding platform. But if you have heard his name and do not know what it is or what it is about, we will tell you in the next paragraphs what is kickstarterwhat it is for or what we can find on the web.

If you want to contribute or finance some of the projects, we will explain what it is, what is there and how to do it. A website that works worldwide and has millions of users all over the planet.

What is

Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform where anyone you can upload an idea or project so that there are people around the world who support this work and help it move forward. For example, you have an idea for a board game that you think is great but you can’t finance the creation of it and its release to put it on sale. In this case, you carry out a crowdfunding campaign explaining the game and with all possible details (design, operation…) to convince people from all over the world to pay an amount so that the project goes ahead and you can start it up. In exchange, these people receive a reward that will vary depending on their contribution.

And Kickstarter We find all kinds of creators and all kinds of projects or ideas. There are all kinds of gadgets and technology products, but there are also sections for games, music, comics and illustration, or books and publications. Creators of all kinds who upload their campaign so that others bet on it so that they buy the product that has been designed by paying in advance and making it possible for its manufacture and subsequent distribution to start up.

How does it work

If you are a creator, upload your campaign with all possible details and put an estimated amount of money that you will need to carry it out. There is a specific time in which you will have to get to that money and you will have to stay as many details as possible to convince users around the world. Answer frequent questions, upload images, etc. Furthermore, as creator you must design the different rewards that each person will receive depending on the money you contribute: a gadget like the one you have designed, a gadget and a gift, the name of the person who contributes to the dedications of the book… It depends on what it is.

As a person who is going to contribute to a project it will be similar to buying on any other web page. It will depend on what you support but whether it’s a book or a mixer, we can see the different projects and see the different options to pay. Depending on what you pay, you will get one reward or another. In addition, you should always take into account the approximate delivery because Kickstarter is not an online store, but what appears on it does not yet exist and must be manufactured and shipped.


What’s on Kickstarter

Once it is clear to us how it works, we can ask ourselves something… what is there or what can we get on this website? Practically everything and all kinds of gadgets, but also music records, exclusive comics, computer games.

In the main categories we find: comics and illustration, design and technology, cinema, food and creations, games, music, publications. And within each of them we can see some of the featured products at the time you consult it. We can see what is the most funded at that time or explore the categories in depth but we will find thousands of projects so it is best that you use the filters or be patient going through the different pages… We can filter by category, by place (not everything will be sent to your country) and we can choose if we order randomly, by publication date, by completion date, by money to be obtained, by number of sponsors… So we can find what interests us the most.

Kickstarter projects

What’s up? As we say, everything. From electronic dog toys, robots shaped like pets, headphones with dunique designs, children’s planetariums, portable keyboards with unique designs, mobile applications or even a coach for plants. We can also find projects outside the technology or gadgets section if we go to comics and illustration, for example, where we will see how creators upload their ideas for graphic novels to make them possible and publish them in physical format.

Kickstarter ideas

Just take a look on Kickstarter to find something we like.

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