What is DALL-E and how does AI work to create images?

You may have heard of DALL-E or seen many projects on the Internet who use the name of this intelligence. But what is it and what is it for? How does it work and how can we use it? If you want to know what DALL-E is or some of its most recent versions, we will explain it to you in the next paragraphs.

If you are a fan of artificial intelligences and you like to see what they are capable of, this AI is one of the best recent options and is able to create anything you tell it to. You just have to ask and the OpenAI project will do it for you.

What is DALL-E?

DALL-E is an OpenAI artificial intelligence capable of generating any type of image. Currently, DALL-E 2 is already working, the second version of this AI created by OpenAI and which allows us to create all kinds of content that we ask for, with spectacular results that have caused a sensation all over the world and that will mean a huge change in the world of art, design or photography.

It is not a tool that uses existing images and makes a collage. No, DALL-e creates the images based on what you have requested. You can ask for Goku riding a bike, you can ask for a stuffed panda on a beach with palm trees, or you can ask for an astronaut driving an SUV. It is a generative AI. That is to say, works using what we ask for or an image that we attach. And from there, create what fits our description. With incredible results and immediately, because you don’t have to wait half an hour or an hour for it to be created, but a few seconds are enough for it to work.

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What is it for

DALL-E 2 has become a tool that can have Millions of possible uses. You can use it for fun or to test it but it’s the best possible substitute for an image bank if you need something specific and don’t have to search for it. Also, you can choose the style you want… An avocado riding a bicycle in cartoon format, a frog cooking spaghetti…

In the long term, this intelligence and others like it, anyone could be an artist or make an illustration without having any idea how to do it and just by choosing the exact words you want to use and DALL-E2 will show you the expected result.


How to use DALL-E 2

We can use DALL-E 2 without paying and it is available in beta version. But there is a catch: there are many requests and very few invitations. OpenAI delivered a million invitations to users signed up to the waiting list but currently we have to wait if we want to receive access and start creating. There will be limits: we can use it for free a maximum number of times.

To sign up, just go to the website and it is completely free to access the beta. We go to the OpenAi website and in the central part we find a list of options where you will see “join waitlist”. Tap on it and a new website will open where you can fill in your name, your last name, your email address, your data on social networks optionally and if you are a developer, artist, etc. Once the data is filled in, we touch the “Get on the waitlist” button and we will only have to wait.

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We can try the free DALL-E Mini project but its operation is not the same and the result is not as realistic as possible as in the case of the official version. In this case, we just have to go to the web and let’s write.

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