Super Alexa, mother, soccer, Madrid… all the special modes

Alexa is able to do dozens of things, as we have already mentioned in the introduction. Some are as amazing as controlling our Smart TV with Alexa, but we can go a step further to wow our friends and family. The smart speaker offers some hidden functions that not all users know about and, although they are not really useful for much, they can make us have a good time. In this case, we focus on knowing and learning how the Super Alexa secret mode is activated, in addition to other special modes.

Alexa, what modes do you have?

All users who are used to using voice commands with Amazon’s smart assistant are usually related to asking Alexa for a specific song, turning the lights on and off in our house or asking her to remind us of something, among many other functions.

If you are looking for all the things Alexa can do for you, you can ask her directly “Alexa, what can you do? Or in the event that you want to discover all the modes available in Alexa, you can ask “Alexa, what modes do you have? Amazon’s intelligent voice assistant has several hidden modes that we can access through a key question. Here are some of the best Alexa modes.

What is it and how to activate the Super Alexa mode?

Basically, Super Alexa mode is a hidden feature of Echo devices from Amazon that we can activate easily. To do this, we must know a special code. If we say it right, the mode will activate and we will laugh for a while. Despite what it may seem, it is only anecdotal and does not offer any real functionality or allow access to any special options.

It will suffice to say: “Alexa, turn on Super Alexa mode”, to which the speaker will reply: “The Super Alexa mode is super secret. I will only be able to activate it if you tell me the secret code”. As we have already said, it will not activate any special function, but it is a joke with which Amazon intends to make us smile. Some consider that it may be a nod to those old consoles in which we could activate cheats by following a combination of buttons.

To activate the super Alexa mode, you have to approach the Alexa speaker or open the Alexa application on your mobile, which is for iPhone and Android, and say the following words:

“Alexa, up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, start.”

In case of doing it correctly, Alexa will answer us: “Din din din, the code is exact, downloading updates”. If we don’t say it right or are too slow, Alexa will tell us that it is a super secret code and that we must repeat it. This is just one of the “secret” modes of Amazon smart speakers, do you know any more?

familiar modes

If you are homesick for a family member (something quite possible in these pandemic times), Alexa can assume -in her own way- the identity of various members of our family:

  • parent mode: Alexa knows a good collection of typical parenting phrases. You have to say “Alexa, activate the father mode” and the secret code Alcántara, the last name of the father of the series Cuéntame backwards.
  • mother mode: As in the previous mode, you can activate this mode by saying “Alexa, mother mode” and answering a series of questions correctly.
  • baby mode: If you activate it, you will hear Alexa crying like a baby. It is activated simply with “Alexa, baby mode”.
  • child mode: If you miss a spoiled and talkative nephew, Alexa can replace it with the command “Alexa, kid mode”.
  • Teenage way: Alexa will adapt her speech to that of a teenager, using some of the expressions in this age range, with extra turkey, if you say “Alexa, teen mode”.
  • granny mode: you can ask Alexa to speak like an adult and say typical grandma phrases thanks to this mode that is activated with “Alexa, granny mode”, “Alexa, grandma mode”, “Alexa, grandpa mode”, “Alexa, grandma mode”. oldie” or “Alexa, oldie mode.”

alexa in love

How to activate: “Alexa, activate love mode” and correctly answer 3 of 4 questions that the assistant will ask you related to love.

alexa love mode

Do not think that because it is a super-advanced artificial intelligence, Alexa cannot feel. In fact, coinciding with the proximity of Valentine’s Day, she has fallen in love with us, so she will become very cloying.

whisper mode

How to activate: “Alexa, whisper mode” or start whispering yourself first so she understands that you want to speak quietly and starts doing it.

If you like ASMR or just have your voice assistant whisper her things in your ear, you can have Alexa lower her voice so as not to disturb others.

Madrid and Galician mode

Alexa also learns about the different regions of Spain. Currently, the Madrid mode and the Galician mode are available. If you want any of these modes to be activated, you can do it through the command “Alexa, activate the Madrid mode” or Alexa, activate the Galician mode”.

If you manage to correctly answer Alexa’s questions related to Madrid or Galicia, Alexa will activate both modes through a special song. Do you dare to discover how much you know about Madrid or Galicia?

self destruct mode

How to activate: Just say “Alexa Self Destruct Mode”.

Various Echo devices

If you want to prank your guests, activate your smart device’s dummy self-destruct mode and watch the faces of those around you as they take cover.

Other Alexa modes

Alexa is constantly adding new modes and depending on the part of the world where we live We can access one or the other. If you live in Latin America you can have access to the following Alexa modes: chilango mode, yucateco mode, norteño mode, mexican mode, taco mode or caribbean mode.

If, on the other hand, you reside in Spain when you try to activate them, Alexa will tell you that it doesn’t have them yet or that they are not available in our region. Did you know all these Alexa modes? Which one did you like the most?

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