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How to eat properly in the heat: 15 main rules

The sun has been beating down on us all this summer, and while it’s easy to stuff your face with ice cream, it’ll probably only make you feel dizzy in the heat.

In fact, in very hot weather, many of us have no appetite at all. This is because our body tries to regulate its temperature by reducing digestion, which produces heat in the body. To stay cool when the weather climbs above 30 degrees Celsius, follow these tips from nutritionists.

1. H2O

Drink as much water as possible. That means 6-8 glasses or as much as you can tolerate. You can achieve this with tap water and beverages such as milk, but dairy products can hinder you in hot weather.

2. Sports drinks

Drink energy and sports drinks when you exercise outside. You don’t have to completely stop exercising in the heat, but it’s important to stay hydrated and retain electrolytes. Fill them with ice cubes with frozen fruit or delicious herbs like mint or basil to keep them cool and flavorful.

3. Products with water

Eat light and hydrating foods. They will charge you with energy for the whole day. These include strawberries, cantaloupe, lettuce, cucumber and celery. Who doesn’t love a refreshing glass of cucumber water or a fruity smoothie?

4. Make winter dishes summer appropriate

Turn winter dishes into summer! Winter meals usually include hydrating (yet hot) dishes like oatmeal, soup, and stew. Refrigerate this meal and use seasonal summer ingredients to keep you nourished and thirsty. Gazpacho soup will cool you down, as will pea and mint soup.

5. Drizzle it all over with citrus

Add citrus-based marinades to meat and fish. By doing this, you break down the protein structure and make the fiber in that meat more digestible. Plus, who doesn’t love a good citrus rub?

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