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8 Facts About Watermelons You Never Knew

Watermelon is definitely a favorite summer fruit for many. It’s delicious, it works as an appetizer, as a cocktail, as a dessert, and it can be added to savory dishes. Watermelons are also full of vitamins and fairly low in calories, which is a great combo when you think about it. Today we are going to share with you some facts about watermelon that you may not know and maybe they will make you want to eat more watermelon. So we went.

1. Super high water content

Watermelons are 91% water, but they are still sweet and delicious and not at all watery. This is a great way to stay hydrated if you’re not the type of person who can just drink 8 glasses of water. Now you have no excuse, just snack on some watermelon and stay hydrated.

2. Low calorie

There are only 46 calories in a cup of watermelon, which honestly is very low for a sweet food like watermelon. You know what that means, right? You can add watermelon to your fruit and savory salads, it will add flavor and volume without adding a ton of calories. It’s a great snack for those looking to lose or lose weight because it fills you up thanks to its water content, but it’s healthy and delicious.

3. There are many types

There are many types of watermelons. There are pitted and pitted watermelons, tiny and huge, pink and even yellow, and they all taste a little different, so do yourself a favor and try all the types of watermelon available to you. You will never regret this decision and you may find a new favorite.

4. Rich in antioxidants

Have you heard of lycopene? It’s a wonderful and powerful antioxidant that gives fruits and vegetables their red color and can benefit your heart, and is said to protect your skin from sunburn and prevent some cancers. Tomatoes are full of lycopene, but watermelon has more of it than tomatoes.

5. Relieves muscle pain

Watermelon contains an amino acid called L-citrulline that can help with muscle soreness, so the next time you beat a tough workout, treat yourself to some watermelon and you’ll be pain-free afterward.

6. Keeps your eyes healthy

Watermelon is full of vitamin A, which we all know is important for eye health and good vision, so eating a glass of watermelon a day can really be good for your eye health. This is especially important for those who spend a lot of time looking at a screen, which most of us are.

7. Good for hair and skin

Since watermelon is rich in water, vitamins A and C, it is great for skin and hair. The water content provides hydration, Vitamin A keeps your skin looking young, supple and supple, and Vitamin C helps your hair look strong and shiny.

8. Excellent for digestion

No one wants to experience indigestion, and eating watermelon can actually be good for your digestive system. The high water content promotes smooth functioning of the digestive system, and a small amount of watermelon is also good for digestion. Basically, eat a watermelon every once in a while and your digestion will be in tip-top shape.

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