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8 Thanksgiving Appetizers You Can’t Make

Nothing beats the all-time favorite, turkey, but while you’re preparing the main course, it’s smart to let guests enjoy some tasty appetizers. They don’t have to be fancy because you only want to spend a few minutes making them, but they definitely have to taste great. Here are 8 no-cook Thanksgiving appetizers that should be on your table.

Creamy spinach and shrimp sauce
Gravy is easy to make and takes less than a few minutes to make this delicious recipe. Made with cooked shrimp, frozen spinach, and spices, this delicious dip will make your guests forget about the upcoming dinner and focus on these special treats.

Cheese balls “Pumpkin”.
Don’t let the name fool you—these delicious-looking little pumpkins are actually made from cheese balls covered in paprika. Some snacks are the right decoration! They taste amazing too.

Smoked mozzarella with flatbread crackers
If you haven’t tried smoked mozzarella recipes yet, we recommend that you do so right now! It’s an incredible flavor, especially mixed with sun-dried tomato, parsley and pepper pesto. This simple snack is a real winner if you want to surprise your friends and family with something very tasty.

Cheese crackers with pepper
It’s time to add some southern flavor to your holiday table! Top this simple but exciting recipe with spicy jalapeños and all your guests will be pleasantly surprised by the explosion of flavor.

Tea sandwiches with smoked salmon
This is a classic recipe that works for literally any occasion, whether it’s a birthday or, in our case, Thanksgiving dinner. Made with cream cheese, fresh baguette and smoked salmon, it would be hard not to grab a few bites for yourself before serving to guests!

Black olive tapenade with figs and mint
This mouth-watering snack may sound fancy, but there are only a few ingredients that go together incredibly well (and require absolutely no preparation!). It’s sweet, fresh, minty, and sure to become your new favorite.

Avocado Bean Dip
How about a very healthy stir-fry with cottage cheese, avocado and Greek yogurt? If you’re going to let your guests snack on something, then you need to make it as light and nutritious as possible. After all, there’s a big dinner ahead and they shouldn’t feel full until the main festivities begin!

Radish with chevre, nori and smoked salt
Appetizers aren’t just dips and sandwiches – you can get creative too! It’s all about mixing textures and flavors. Pretend you’re a real chef and whip up a beautiful plate of goat cheese mixed with nori and fresh, crunchy radishes to balance it all out. Looks good, tastes great, so what else do you need?

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