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America’s 8 Best Small Beach Towns and Cities

We all need a break from reality to just get away and enjoy a beautiful beach. There’s something almost therapeutic about laying down on the sand, soaking up the rays and taking a refreshing dip in the ocean. But the well-known beaches of the usual tourist destinations can be quite crowded, making it difficult to really stretch out and enjoy a day at the beach. This is where the lesser-known beaches that offer a quieter and more secluded beach vacation come in handy. If you’re looking for a less crowded beach for your next getaway, check out these 8 of the best small beach towns and cities in America.

Cannon Beach, Oregon
A beautiful stretch of sandy shores, Cannon Beach is the perfect place to visit if you’re looking for a place to relax and lay your claim and comfort for a full day at the beach.

Chatham, Massachusetts
While everyone else lives on Cape Cod, visitors looking for a more relaxed vacation can find it in Chatham. This gorgeous gem is refined without being grandiose.

Cape May, New Jersey
After the explosion of fame from the reality show, Jersey Shore became very famous and its shores are often crowded with people. But luckily, there are still towns like Cape May where travelers can enjoy a more secluded, nostalgic beach life in the area.

Carmel by the Sea, California
Dotted with charming cottages and rustic charm, Carmel by the Sea is a must-see for anyone looking for a quiet, relaxing beach day. There are also water sports such as surfing and scuba diving.

Corolla, North Carolina
A small beach village on the Outer Banks of North Carolina has all the appeal of a small town with great local attractions. Visitors can enjoy a 19th-century lighthouse and a restored 1920s hunting lodge.

Block Island, Rhode Island
One of the most remote yet accessible islands on the East Coast, Block Island is truly the best kept secret among small beaches. Accessible only by water or air, this island off the coast of Rhode Island is a secluded beach lover’s dream. There are 17 miles of uninterrupted beach front lined with quaint and cute boutiques and shops.

Currituck Beach, North Carolina
What other beach town can beat sandy shores with wild horses running wild? Currituck Beach is on the Outer Banks and the best areas where horses are easiest to find are usually accessible by ATV or 4WD.

Clearwater Beach, Florida
Florida has so many well-known and overcrowded beaches that it’s surprising that lesser-known beaches like Clearwater Beach still line its sandy shores. The beauty of this beach lies in its white sand, the magnificent view of the bay and the spacious shore that offers plenty of space to relax. There are many restaurants and live music bars for entertainment. Clearwater Beach even boasts what they call sunset festivals, nightly gatherings on the pier where vendors and street performers sell goods and entertain the crowds.

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