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16 best recipes for cold summer soups

Most soups are associated with autumn and winter. They think of soups as something warm, hearty and satisfying that will make you feel good on a cold day. But the truth is, soups don’t have to be hot to be delicious, they can be served cold and taste just as great. You’re probably thinking, “yeah, I’ve heard of gazpacho before, it’s nice, but it’s just one soup.” Yes, while gazpacho is delicious and probably the most famous cold soup, it is not the only soup served cold. There is a whole world of cold soups, from those that can be made in a pot or on the stove and served chilled, to raw soups that do not require heating. So yes, welcome to the world of cold soups, I’ll be your guide.

1. Chilled Avo soup with grilled shrimp
Avocado? In the form of cream soup? Yes, please!

2. Beet gazpacho
Not your average tomato gazpacho. But this one is even better than the original.

3. Cucumber Quinoa Curry Soup
Perhaps the most refreshing summer soup. You should try it.

4. Watermelon gazpacho
These are the two most summery things together. Gazpacho and watermelon. It sounds weird, but it tastes delicious.

5. Zucchini and basil soup
Fresh yet hearty, this soup is the perfect lunch option on a hot summer day.

6. Chilled tomato and peach soup with ginger
We all know that a tomato is a fruit, but we can’t imagine it in a fruit salad. Well, how about peaches in your soup? We promise it’s worth a try.

7. Chilled watercress salad and potato soup
A creamy confection that’s delicious both warm and chilled, but we definitely recommend the chilled version in summer.

8. Spicy gazpacho with white beans and corn
Cold soups can also be spicy. If you don’t believe me, you need to try this spicy white bean and corn soup.

9. Chilled cherry tomato soup
A slightly different take on the classic gazpacho, but with cherry tomatoes. yum!

10. Cashew pea-cucumber soup with mint
This soup has it all. It’s refreshing with cucumber and mint and creamy with cashews and peas. It’s just the best.

11. White bean, cucumber, mint and yogurt soup
It certainly sounds unusual, but you have to try it. The combination of ingredients works really well to make this soup very flavorful.

12. Avocado Asparagus Gazpacho
A thick, creamy green gazpacho that will keep you full for a long time. This is a must try.

13. Chilled pineapple soup shot
Did you know you can put pineapple in soup? And then there are his arrows instead of bowls? There are no rules in the kitchen.

14. Pea-mint soup
An old classic, but a good one. You’ve probably had it in Pret at some point. No wonder this soup is so popular.

15. Strawberry soup
Fruit soup? Why not? It’s sweet, creamy, and only takes a few minutes to make. You just put the ingredients in the blender and it’s ready in seconds.

16. Chilled blueberry soup
You might call it a shake in a bowl, but in Finland it’s called a soup. Blueberry soup is definitely something you can eat at any meal of the day or at every meal of the day. It’s so good.

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