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12 healthy snack ideas for work

Three meals a day may be fine for some people, but for most of us, it’s better to eat small meals and snacks in between to keep our energy going throughout the day. With so many prepackaged snacks in every store and corner, it’s easy to slip into unhealthy habits and snack on chocolates and chips, but we know that’s not good for our health, energy, and overall well-being. So to avoid temptation, we’ve put together a list of healthy snacks, some homemade and some store-bought, that you can take to work.

1. Jars for snacks
These simple snack jars are a lifesaver for those of you who just need to snack throughout the day and will eat whatever you can find. So instead of grabbing a cookie or a bag of chips, you can make these snack jars ahead of time (it only takes a couple of minutes) and grab them from the fridge on your way to work.

2. Yogurt and fruit
Another simple option is to simply eat yogurt with fruit. You can even buy both ingredients at the store near work. The key here is to buy these two ingredients separately. Plain yogurt or maybe even a small tub of Greek yogurt and some fruit or berries. Don’t fall prey to the ads and buy those sugary fruit yogurts – they’re just full of sugar and not healthy.

3. Popcorn
If you like to snack on something crunchy – popcorn can be a good option. But don’t forget to pop the popcorn in the air or make it at home and bring a batch with you. You don’t want that buttery, yellow-dusted kind of cheese—it’s full of trans fats and can be very high in calories.

4. Raw nuts
Another crunchy option is a handful of raw nuts. They’re full of healthy fats and protein, good for your health and will keep you fuller for longer. However, portion control is important with nuts because they are easy to overeat. We recommend that you eat a small handful at a time and then give yourself half an hour to see if you feel full. Chances are you will.

5. Apples and peanut butter
Eating an apple may seem awkward in the office, and it may also seem like a very boring snack. But if you cut it into slices and dip it in peanut butter, it will be the best snack.

6. Dark chocolate
If you’re craving something sweet, there’s nothing wrong with having a little chocolate, but try to choose dark chocolate. Anything with at least 70% cocoa or higher. Chocolate is actually a good source of magnesium, which is great for dealing with stress.

7. Fried chickpeas
You can make them at home and it will be a very satisfying and cheap snack. Plus, if you’re actually making them yourself, you can customize the flavor by adding whatever spices you prefer, whether it’s chilled or smoked paprika or maybe some Mediterranean herbs.

8. Copycat Starbucks PB&J Bistro Box
You can go to Starbucks to get it, or you can make it ahead at home. Let’s just say the second option is a lot cheaper and more customizable, but ultimately the choice is yours.

9. Superfood Chocolate pieces
Instead of chocolate chip cookies, you can easily make these chocolate superfoods at home. They are much tastier and more nutritious for you. Simply melt some dark chocolate, spread it on parchment paper into small circles and top with raw nuts, seeds and dried fruit. Freeze them and voila – you have your very own made-to-order chocolate chips.

10. Dates
Dates are a great snack and a good substitute for candy and chocolate. They will definitely satisfy your sweet tooth, but without harming your teeth and diet. Also, dates tend to be very sweet and filling, so you only need 3 per snack.

11. Granola Bars
Granola bars are great for snacks or a quick breakfast on the go when you’ve overslept. Just making a batch at home is a no-brainer and usually lasts about a week, but you can also buy granola bars at the store, just make sure they’re sugar-free or at least have sugar that’s near the end of the list ingredients.

12. Banana bread
Banana bread is a great snack during a coffee break. It is tasty and sweet without added sugar, goes well with tea or coffee. The only thing you need to watch out for is your colleagues who will also want a slice, so maybe bring enough to share.

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