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10 Food Comparisons Prove You Know Nothing About Diets

These are the best diets that will help you live a low-calorie lifestyle without stressing out on a daily basis. You don’t have to sacrifice the foods you love to get results. You don’t have to obsessively count calories and eat rice cakes all day. But a healthier way to go instead of snacking (at least most of the time) is to help you get your vitamins and minerals naturally.

1 handful of walnuts (100 g) = 1 order of fries
Yes, both of these foods contain fat. But they are very different! Walnuts are packed with energy, supporting good fats, while French fries are greasy, deep-fried, and will weigh you down. No energy boost. But you can subscribe from time to time 😉

1 glass of multi-fruit shake = 1 bottle of Coca-Cola
Ironically, cocktails are not for you. Every time you juice/smash a fruit, you get rid of a lot of good-for-you enzymes and vitamins that just turn to sugar when you juice/smash them. Coke is artificial, which makes it worse, and soda is really addictive, but the two aren’t that far apart in terms of sugar content.

1 low calorie bar = 1 strawberry ice cream
Surprisingly, CLIF bars and other pre-workout energy bars are really high in carbs and sugar. So why not just eat an ice cream bar? Neither is right for you, and fitness bars are basically bars, so pick the poison. But there are probably more chemicals in ice cream.

100 g of brown rice = 2 Vienna waffles
Yes, you can eat 2 whole Vienna Waffles and it will be equal to 100g of brown rice. Health nuts will probably be in a frenzy about this one. Yes, waffles have a lot more sugar and less energy ingredients. And brown rice is also quite high in potassium, which is a plus.

100 g of muesli = 1 small packet of crisps
Chips are fatty and often filled with trans fats, while muesli can be high in sugar but will keep your energy up. Muesli is also better with yogurt, honey and other healthy ingredients, while crisps are good with… sour gummy worms and soda? You decide.

1/2 pack of rice cakes = 3 nuggets
You can dig into a couple of McDonald’s nuggets and it will have the same calories as half a pack of those horrible rice cakes. While these rice cakes don’t have much nutritional value on their own, adding some nut butter and mashed banana will do you more good for your health than snacking on chicken nuggets that you’ll just eat (who really eats are there three?)

1 cup of kefir (2.5%) = 1 medium-sized cappuccino
Kefir is packed with healthy bacteria that help grow your belly, while the caffeine will make you lose your mind. Giving up your daily Starbucks can be pretty hard, but if you don’t take the sugar from your cappuccino, it might not be so bad for you. But don’t get too addicted to that caffeine, or you’ll become addicted and suffer from headaches if you can’t drink it.

1 apple = 1 handful of jelly bags
Yes, quantitatively it is the same number of calories you take in. But they are from two very different food groups. Apples are packed with pectin and other delicious, nutritious substances, while gummy bears are just sugar that your body has a hard time processing. But don’t forget: don’t juice this apple or it will be as sugary as bears!

100 g of broccoli = 1 marshmallow
Obviously, the person making this decision didn’t have a mother who forced them to eat vegetables as a child. First, we’ve never eaten an entire bag of marshmallows in one sitting, so we don’t know who’s fooling themselves with this “just one” deal. Broccoli is packed with fiber and anti-cancer properties that will fill you up much more than a single air-filled marshmallow.

1 boiled chicken breast = 1 delicious homemade pancake
In this recent Netflix documentary called “What The Health,” we learn that meat is actually far more harmful than sugar or carbs. Chicken is known to contain carcinogens and diabetes-causing fats, so throw the “boiled chicken breast” diet philosophy out the window! A pancake topped with savory foods or fruit is much less dangerous to your health (but eat some protein afterwards!)

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