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10 easy summer salads

Summer is the time for short dresses, crop tops, shorts and, of course, swimwear. We want to look good and feel good. The problem is that we tend not to be very hungry when it’s hot outside, so instead of eating well, we tend to snack on all kinds of cold treats like ice cream, frozen yogurt, cereal, etc. And although these things are tasty, they are not exactly healthy and nutritious food that our body needs. In reality, things like this cause severe bloating and water retention, and who needs that? So instead, we offer you a selection of delicious summer salads that will satisfy your hunger without causing any problems. They’re light, filling and healthy, so check them out.

1. Strawberry Cobb Salad
This take on the classic Cobb salad is just what you need this summer. It has fruits, vegetables and protein to meet all the needs of your body. It is fragrant, refreshing and will keep you full for hours. Who knew adding strawberries could change a salad so much, right?

2. Mozzarella tomato salad
This is a true summer classic. Fresh tomatoes and basil, delicious mozzarella, and a hint of sweetness from the reduced balsamic dressing make this salad a crowd favorite. Speaking of dressing, check out the recipe above because it’s what makes this salad special.

3. Grilled tropical summer salad
We firmly believe that summer salads should have a hint of sweetness, and this salad definitely fits the bill. Roasted pineapple, mango, cherry tomatoes and lots of salad greens, drizzled with balsamic vinaigrette and sprinkled with macadamia nuts is a great flavor combination.

4. Salad with shrimp and grilled corn “Fiesta”.
This salad is not only very colorful, but also incredibly tasty and nutritious. Black beans and shrimp provide more than enough protein, cherry tomatoes and romaine lettuce add a fresh crunch, corn adds a bit of sweetness, and avocado provides healthy fats. It even includes a little tequila to cook the shrimp. Intrigued? Check out the recipe above.

5. Watermelon feta salad
Is it just me or does everyone live on watermelon in the summer? If you love watermelon, you’ll love this salad. Fresh greens, sweet watermelon, and fresh berries like blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries go well together. Crumbled feta adds some delicious protein, and the dressing ties all the flavors together.

6. Salad with tangerine and spinach
Don’t worry, this salad isn’t just tangerines and spinach. It also includes grilled chicken, red bell peppers, snow peas, carrots and sliced ​​almonds. This is the perfect crunchy salad for summer. The lemon honey ginger dressing is to die for. Seriously, you have to try it once and you’ll want it in all your salads.

7. Summer salad with cherry and goat cheese
The combination of cherries, grape tomatoes, crumbled goat cheese, some spinach, arugula and quinoa is heavenly on a summer’s day. You can use olive oil and a little lemon juice for the dressing, or choose a salad dressing of your choice. This salad only takes a couple of minutes to make, is vegetarian, and gluten-free. It’s a win-win!

8. Triple berry cabbage salad
This healthy and light salad is packed with vitamins and nutrients that your body needs during the summer. If you’re not a big fan of kale, you haven’t tried this salad yet. You’ll love it when you try it with blueberries, blackberries, strawberries and crunchy slivered almonds. Even better is the Poppy Seed Dressing, made with Greek yogurt, strawberries, poppy seeds, and a few other ingredients.

9. Peach salad with grilled chicken and basil
Who doesn’t love peaches in their salad, right? Then again I would peaches for everything. But especially in this salad, paired with grilled chicken, corn, goat cheese, pecans, and red onion, it’s simply the best. Drizzled with a white balsamic and honey vinaigrette, this salad is simply heavenly.

10. Grilled halloumi and peach salad
If you liked the previous salad but are a vegetarian, this is the perfect choice for you. It has grilled halloumi, asparagus, herbs, pine nuts and, of course, peaches. The homemade lemon pesto dressing is also a treat.

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