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10 best movie night snack ideas

When you’re hosting a movie night, you need the best snacks on hand. Are you tired of popcorn and candy? Relive your childhood with this movie marathon of decadent snacks you can’t resist.

1. Potato pieces wrapped in bacon with spicy cream sauce

Never has there been a more reliable pairing than potatoes and bacon. This recipe ups the ante with a spicy sour cream sauce on the side. Diets are overrated anyway!

2. Corn Dog Pops

Satisfy your inner child and all those carnival cravings with these American Mini Corndogs. Dipping sauce is easy because the corndog tastes great with just ketchup or mustard.

Corn Dog Pops |  10 best movie night recipes |  Her beauty

3. Pepperoni Pizza Rolla

As a child, nothing accompanied movie nights as often as pizza rolls. Here we can pretend to be adults with pepperoni pizza rolls. Replace the pepperoni with prosciutto or mushrooms for a stylish option.

Pepperoni Pizza Rolls |  10 best movie night recipes |  Her beauty

4. Salmon nachos

Nachos are a staple at any social event, but we bet you’ve never tried salmon nachos. Think fish tacos meet nachos for this delicious fusion that uses omega-3 rich salmon and all the fixin’s.

Salmon Nachos |  10 best movie night recipes |  Her beauty

5. Onion bread

Blooming onions are another fairground favorite that evokes nostalgia in the best of us—traditionally, they’re fried onions that pop open at the fillet so you can pick like onion rings. This version takes all that goodness and packs it into a cheesy sourdough bread.

Onion bread  10 best movie night recipes |  Her beauty

6. Jelly with champagne

No movie night is complete without the perfect alcoholic beverage. Grown-up meets college fun in these champagne jello, made with ginger ale, champagne, lemon, sugar, and gelatin.

Jelly with champagne  10 best movie night recipes |  Her beauty

7. Baked Jalapeno Poppers

Jalapeños are the tastiest movie snack, but they’re full of calories and bad-for-you ingredients. This baked version is just as delicious, easy to eat, and even keto-friendly.

    Baked Jalapeno Poppers |  10 best movie night recipes |  Her beauty

8. Brie and potato patties

Puff pastry pies of any kind are always a smash hit at any event and for good reason – they are mouth-watering morsels! This savory French-style pie combines potatoes and creamy Brie cheese – now go look at Amélie!

Pies with brie and potatoes |  10 best movie night recipes |  Her beauty

9. Korean beef bulgogi tacos

They can be a little messy for movie night, but totally worth it. In these tacos, the saltiness comes from the soy sauce and sesame oil, while the Asian pear adds sweetness to the juicy beef bulgogi.

Korean Beef Bulgogi Tacos |  10 best movie night recipes |  Her beauty

10. Snacks with fried spinach and artichoke

Spinach and artichokes have been around for years as a hearty party dip—it’s versatile enough to go with bread, chips, or croutons—but this recipe minimizes the risk of spilling the sauce. Fried in breaded orancini-style balls, your movie-going guests might want to take some home in their pockets.

    Roasted Spinach and Artichoke Snacks |  10 best movie night recipes |  Her beauty

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